V2 Games Launches $10 Million Seed Fund for Gaming Ventures


V2 Games Inc., a Canadian video game investment firm, today announced the launch of the Future Fund - a new $10 million seed fund for strategic investments into the fast-growing video game vertical. The fund targets game ventures, esports, as well as startups that have a strong use-case for leveraging Blockchain within the gaming ecosystem. The fund was simultaneously announced at Pocket Gamers Connect London, where the game industry is currently meeting for its first major gathering of the year.

“We are very excited to be able to launch the Future Fund to help game entrepreneurs take their companies to the next level,” said V2 Games CEO Sam Chandola. “We are not only hoping to invest in great quality game projects and intellectual properties, but we are also looking a bit out into the future to explore the intersection of Blockchain and Gaming, or the introduction of Gaming in new formats.”

While the fund will have a global outlook, 50% of the fund will be reserved for investments in Canadian video gaming startups.

“V2 Games is proud to be a Canadian company, and Build-in-Canada is an important theme to us,” said Shafin Tejani, CEO of Victory Square Technologies (CNSX: VST), the Future Fund’s largest Limited Partner. “In addition to amazing talent in the video game industry in Canada, our friendly immigration policies and specific focus on Startup Visas make Canada an ideal location to incubate and grow gaming startups, and we are proud to support that.”

In 2017, the market size for the video games industry was a resounding $100 Billion, and that is projected to grow to $128 Billion by 2020. The Future Fund aims to take advantage of this growth by identifying and investing in Blue Ocean opportunities being created as a result of changing technologies.

About V2 Games Inc.

V2 Games was founded in 2014 as a game production studio. Following the success of titles such as PAC-MAN Bounce, the company moved focus and leveraged its experience to become a strategic seed fund for gaming projects. With an executive team that has experience in both the corporate business of games as well as hands-on video game development and distribution, V2 Games acts as a bridge between professional investors and the vast, rapid-growing opportunities in the $100 Billion gaming market.